2014 Cross Country League Starts

2014 Cross Country League Starts

2014 Cross Country League Starts

What a turnout by our Club endurance runners for the first of the North Staffs Cross Country League of 2014 held at Winsford last weekend. Some forty five athletes competed across nearly all the age groups from U11 to Seniors.

Top individual performance was from Alfie Bould who won the U13 Boys competition by quite a margin. In the other events the first-ins were Jacob Aston O'Donovan who came 6th in the U11 Boys, Will Kesteven who came 8th in the U15 Boys, Fred Dobberson who came 15th in the U17 Boys, Meg Illingworth who came 8th in the U11 Girls, Maddie Goodman who came 8th in the U13 Girls and Katelyn Mooney who came 11th in the U15 Girls and Andy Jones who came 131st in the Senior Mens race.

photos courtesy of Bryan Dale. www.racephotos.org.uk

In the Team competitions after this first fixture, the U11 Boys Team are in a good 6th position, the U13 Boys Team in a splendid 3rd position, the U15 Boys Team in a good 4th position whilst the U11 Girls Team are also in a good 4th position, the U13 Girls in a great 2nd position and the U15 Girls in a splendid 3rd position.

U11G. Meg Illingworth 8, Esther Wilding 9, Olivia Fowler 22, Emily Bevan 26, Megan Holding 27, Sophie Thorning-Jenson 31, Roisin Selby 33, Rosie Meakin 34, Charlotte Verbikas 36, Amelia Moreton 38, Laren Kelly 46, Ellie McGlincy 55.

U13G. Madeline Goodman 8, Ellie Grinnell 13, Katy Adkins 14, Holly Illingworth 18, Katie Holding 38, Zoe Leydon 39.

U15W. Katelyn Mooney 11, Sarah Dufour-Jackson 15, Emma Stephen 21, Hannah Doods 22.

U11B. Jacob Aston O'Donovan 6, Sean Sides 24, Matthew Kesteven 43, Joseph Thorning-Jenson 52.

U13B. Alfie Bould 1, Peter Selby 9, Jamie Monks 15, Ryan Harper-Griffiths 16, Matthew Kenyon 25, William Denfhy 26, Ethan Hall 42, Robert Hillerby 44, Ben Verbickas 45.

U15M. Will Kesteven 8, Thomas Adkins 19, Matthew McCormack 23, Daniel Lloyd 31, Joshua Stubbs 32, Liam Heyes 35, Jordan Sides 39.

U17M. Fred Dobberson 15, Owen Proctor 20

SM. Andy Jones 131, Neil Fowler 191

Full results click here. Photos courtesy of Bryan Dale at www.racephotos.org.uk, please click here for our athlete photos