What an Evening!

What an Evening!

What an Evening!

The Club celebrated the successes of the 2011 winter and 2012 summer season with a big send-off last night. Over 230 people attended the Awards Evening at MMU and what an evening it was! There was recognition for massive Team successes in the NSCCL and Sportshall in the winter and then in the summer a big recognition of the clean sweep yet again of the Cheshire Track & Field League titles and promotion for the Seniors in the Northern League. Individual succeses were celebrated with our Annual Performance Awards for U11's and the AAA's Performance Awards for the U13-Seniors and then the finale consisted of the Individual Event Awards from U11 to Seniors making it an event for everyone. A thank you to all the athletes and their families who attended and a thanks again to all the volunteers that helped stage a great event. Photos of the Evening click here

Individual Winners:

Award 2012 Winner
Best Under 11 Girl Lavinia Mottershead
Best Under 11 Boy Daniel Joy
Best U11 Newcomer Max Lindsay
Most Improved U11 Girl Ellie Grinnell
Most Improved U11 Boy Luke Chatwin
U13 Girls Jumps Liberty Hughes
U13 Girls Throws Eve Nickisson
U13 Girls Distance Katelyn Mooney
U13 Girls Sprints Eve Fenoglio
Most Improved U13 Girl Emily Ashman
U13 Boys Jumps Lewis Palin
U13 Boys Throws Ewan Ashman
U13 Boys Distance Jack Soulsby/Jack Williamson
U13 Boys Sprints Jack Shenton
Most Improved U13 Boy John Draper
U15 Girls Jumps Emma Fowler
U15 Girls Throws Shaunnah Murphy
U15 Girls Distance Freya Taylor-Hatswell
U15 Girls Sprints Emma Fowler
Most Improved U15 Girl Annie Huntbach
U15 Boys Jumps Jacob Brown
U15 Boys Throws Dean Valentine
U15 Boys Distance Jacob Brown
U15 Boys Sprints Harry Richardson
Most Improved U15 Boy  Harry Valentine
U17 Girls Jumps Gemma Valentine
U17 Girls Throws Katie Matthews
U17 Girls Distance Katie Lennon
U17 Girls Sprints Georgie Perris-Readding
Most Improved U17 Girl Amber Schofield
U17 Boys Jumps William Simmons
U17 Boys Throws Fraser Ashman
U17 Boys Distance Elliott Neville
U17 Boys Sprints Josh Platt
Most Improved U17 Boy George Fleet
Womens Sprints Aimee Addis
Womens Jumps Aimee Addis
Womens Throws Georgina Emery
Mens Jumps Alex Steele
Mens Throws Rob Huntbach
Mens Distance Chris Bennet
Mens Sprints Liam Clowes
Coaches Award Joshua Stubbs/Jordan Sides
Bertha Crowther Award  Leon Lockett
Gwyneth Dunwoody Memorial Cup Fraser Ashman

2012 U11 Performance Awards (Sponsored by Alextra Accountants)

Bronze Award

Ashley  Angles

Olivia Fowler

Ben Basten

Ben Jackson

Ben Pettitt

Sean Sides

Silver Award

Amelia Attkinson

Emily Lindsay

Evie Shorthose

Holly Smith

Jess Nelson

Lauren Roe

Libbie Bridle

Lucy Smith

Maddie Baxter

Maddie Goodman

Neha Mittal

Priya Mittal

Ruka Shonibare

Zoe Leydon

Harry Huntbach

Henry McCarthy

Luke Chatwin

Marcus Grayson

Matthew Kenyon

Max Lindsay

Nathan Clifton

Gold Award

Ellie Grinnell

Eve Heaword

Lavinia Mottershead

Maisie Thomas

Ethan Hall

Harry Ward

Platinum Award

Daniel Joy

2012 U13-Senior AAA Awards


Grades Event Discipline Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Total
Fraser Ashman SP G1 J G3 D G1 2   1   3
Josh Platt 60I G2 100 G2 200 G1 400 G2 1 3     4
Ewan Ashman SP G2 D G1 J G2 1 2     3
Liam Clowes 100 G2 200 G1 400 G2 1 2     3
Jacob Brown 800 G1 1500 G2 HJ G3 200 G4 1 1 1 1 4
Leon Lockett 800 G4 LJ G1 SP G4 PENT G2 100 G40 1 1   3 5
Katie Matthews 200 G4 300 G3 D G3 SP G1 J G4 HA G4 1   2 3 6
Emma Fowler H G2 200G3 HJG2 LJG2 SP G3 PV G3 PENT G2   4 3   7
Eve Nickisson 75 G4 100 G4 150 G4 200 G4 LJ G4 SP G2 J G2   2   5 7
Eve Fenoglio 75 G4 150 G3 200 G2 HJ G4   1 1 2 4
Harry Richardson 100 G2 200 G3   1 1   2
Freya Taylor-Hatswell 800 G2 HJ G4   1   1 2
Lewis Palin HJ G4 LJ G2   1   1 2
Niall Clowes J G2 D G4   1   1 2
Aimee Addis TJ G2   1     1
Kyle Reddin LJ G2   1     1
Joseph Terry LJ G4 H G3 100 G3 200 G3     3 1 4
Gemma Valentine H G3 HJ G3 PV G3     3   3
Jack Shenton 100 G3 200 G3 LJ G4     2 1 3
Liberty Hughes H G4 LJ G3 HJ G3     2 1 3
Emily Ashman D G3 J G3     2   2
Will Simmons 200 G4 400 G4 HJ G3 TJ G4     1 3 4
Annie Huntbach H G4 LJ G4 PENT G3     1 2 3
Ella Nicholls 75 G4 100 G4 150 G3     1 2 3
Patrick Fairlie LJ G4 100 G4 200 G3     1 2 3
Georgie Perris-Readding 100 G3 SP G4     1 1 2
Emma Basten 200 G3     1   1
Jack Williamson 800 G3     1   1
Katie Hughes D G3     1   1
Kian Nolan HJ G3     1   1
Shaunnah Murphy SP G4 D G4 J G4       3 3
Alice Simmons HJ G4 HEPT G4       2 2
Jack Soulsby 1500 G4 J G4       2 2
Jake Maunder 200 G4 LJ G4       2 2
Mitchell Morgan 100 G4  SP G4       2 2
Beth Jones 100 G4       1 1
Beth Louise Jones HJ G4       1 1
Beth Platt H G4       1 1
Connor Grayson PV G4       1 1
Dean Valentine SP G4       1 1
George Fleet TJ G4       1 1
James Howell-Jones PV G4       1 1
Janathon Shaw J G4       1 1
John Draper D G4       1 1
Jordan Sides LJ G4       1 1
Josh Betteley 1500 G4       1 1
Levi Brown LJ G4       1 1
Thomas Jackson  Hurdles g4       1 1